9-apartment house with pool for sale in the central part of Hévíz.


 390,000  350,000


Property details

  • Property size: 410 m2
  • Number of rooms: 17 pieces
  • Number of baths: 10 pieces
  • Building structure: Brick
  • Number of floors: 3 pieces
  • Condition of Property: Very good condition
  • Heating: Gas (Gas)
  • By form of use:Investment, entrepreneurial
  • Extras: (Русский) Бассейн 3х6м.

Plots and Neigthboardhoods

  • Area of the plot: 410 m2
  • Type of plot: Clear

Product Description

Swimming pool 3x6m.
One half of the house has three levels – each has 3 bedroom apartments (two separate bedrooms, a common room-aliving room, a kitchen, a separate bathroom and toilet, a dressing room). No balconies! By area 75m2
The other half of the house is three levels.
Each level has two apartments
Ground floor – two: 25 m2 double room,kitchen, bedroom, shower room and wc).
40 m2 two rooms, kitchen, bathroom and wc).
Second floor: two apartments of 30m2 each. There is a kitchen, shower room, wc, large balcony)
Third floor (slightly attic):
48 m2 two levels (2 rooms, kitchen, shower room, wc). 30m2 (room, shower room, wc, kitchen). There are balconies.
Parking for 6 cars.

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